Our most probable future

If you have seen the movie "Tibet: Cry of The Snow Lion" what are your responses?

    I can tell you mine. Ashamed. Horrified. Scared. Fearful. Not just for me - also for the next generations of Australia and the world. Even while I'm living I want to cherish my freedom. I relate to these Tibetan people, ordinary people, the Dali Lama and the Yogis stand for gaining their country back. If the Berlin wall could come down the Chinese could leave Tibet and leave the Tibetans to their own homeland. Most importantly values of a culture such as Tibet will not die since they are in a deep Buddhist spiritual belief karma will win out. I have to say at this point I lived and taught for four and a half years in China and I understand some of the inhuman ways of this culture. Actually I have experienced some of the control and power of some of the Chinese officials whereby I felt humiliated and intimidated like the scum of the earth. For example the friendliness, the politeness and the niceness of some Chinese colleagues and directors of a school backfired and I learned it was just a ploy to manipulate another stupid foreigner as if we were an amusing toy to play with. As it said in the video the Tibetan monks put the responsibility on the government's policies and culture, not its people. I tend to concur with that. Since living in China I have met many Chinese people who didn't agree with their government and feel neglected as far as any individual rights are concerned. This has created a very competitive society which shows no compassion for each individual member of its people. In other words it is a very "dog eat dog" cutthroat society. Ironically I always wanted to go to Tibet as I have travelled quite a bit around China. However although I didn't know about what was happening in Tibet fully, I intuitively knew it was undergoing many unjust and imposed ways of the Chinese government. For example the Qinghai-Tibet railway from Golmud to Lhasa and Chinese immigrants overtaking Tibetan jobs. While I am back in Australia I gather that many Australians do not know the thick face and black heart of Chinese government officials and some wealthy Chinese business people. In all honesty I have no desire to return to China though I have some close Chinese friends there. After seeing this documentary it has left a deep hole in my heart. I perceive the the Chinese in general becoming more greedy, more arrogant and more sly. Is this 'deja vu'? If history shows Genghis Khan wanted to conquer a large piece of Asia which he did, today it seems that the same is occurring. I would not underestimate the Chinese people in general. I have lived with some Chinese people. I have taught many Chinese students and I have participated in special occasions as a VIP foreign guest as well as singing and entertaining government officials. Bottom line - its a Communist country, not a democracy, which means control and power games over its people and as far as I know the Dali Lama is seen as a betrayer of the motherland. Mao Tse-tung decried religion after his meetings with the 14th Dali Lama and at that moment after their meeting the Dali Lama knew his life was at risk. Beside Hitler I think Mao Tse-tung was the ultimate dictator in this world. Yes I think he brainwashed his people during the cultural revolution. Ever since I was in China I felt the lack of humanity. In hindsight I was just a puppet on the strings of many China's government officials, not its people. I don't want to be told how to behave,  what to do and how to do it, losing freedom of self expression like so many dutiful Chinese citizens. Since being back in Australia it is becoming apparent that it is not a democracy here either, rather it appears a socialist country. Privacy rights seem to be ignored by our government, there is so much red tape, rules, regulations and most Australian citizens are taxed for everything. This concerns me. What is our most probable future? China is becoming an economic power as much as India will be. I want to remind people of the Chinese opera where the actors have the ability to change their masks very swiftly usually leaving the audience very baffled and acknowledging them to be clever. Like the Dali Lama and the Tibetan Yogis in this video they were warned by the 13th Dali Lama to build up their army. I do not want the Chinese to take over the world with their economic policies and their control as they did in Tibet. I think the warning signs are there for Westerners to notice. If you mess with them they will retaliate. It is my warning. I have lived there. Set the Tibetan people free - and the Western world as well as those individuals in China who also want their freedom.   

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